Taking the Personal DISCernment Inventory™ (PDI) online provides a quick, easy method of gaining powerful insight into your behavioral style in both work and social settings.

To take the instrument, you will answer 24 short questions that describe your tendencies. You can then view, save, and print a comprehensive report that provides:

  • Three different graphs of your DISC Profile for a balanced explanation of your personality
  • An overview of your primary and secondary behavioral styles
  • A Representative Profile that shows how all four DISC elements create your unique behavioral style
  • An overview of the strengths and weaknesses that may affect your style, with some broad suggestions on how to leverage your strengths and deflect your weaknesses

After taking the inventory, you may also receive additional customized reports that allow you to specifically apply these insights to the areas of leadership, communication, teamwork, sales, and time management.

Volume discounts are available when you purchase multiple inventories or application reports. Please contact us for more information.

The Personal DISCernment Inventory is $22. Application Reports are $18.

Specialist Profile

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