The DISC Profile System™ is shaped to fit you and your needs.

The DISC Profile System™ includes a series of application reports that will guide you in applying the insights from your DISC profile to specific situations. These reports provide additional information about each behavioral style as it relates to a specific area and suggest how you can immediately apply this information to yourself and others. These reports don't apply to just anyone, they are tailored to you — based on your personality style and how others relate to you.

The Personal DISCernment Inventory™ (PDI)

The PDI™ is the foundation of the DISC Profile System. It helps you identify your unique behavioral style. The PDI provides a detailed description of your particular behavioral pattern, and enables you develop a full list of strengths and weaknesses that may help or inhibit your effectiveness in various situations.

The PDI is also available in print in English and French (Canadian).

Leading with Style Cover

Leading with Style®

Our behavioral traits significantly influence our leadership style. They also deeply affect how we view others' leadership styles. When our leaders have different behavioral styles than us, we can often feel over or under-led. Once you discover your unique temperament through the PDI, Leading with Style will help you understand how best to serve those you lead, and how to effectively respond to the leadership of others.

Teamwork with Style Cover

Teamwork with Style™

Each temperament brings unique strengths and weaknesses to the team setting. Your behavioral style influences the way you plan and organize your work, communicate and make decisions. Once you have discovered your unique temperament through the PDI, Teamwork with Style will provide the opportunity for you to explore and discuss the effects of the individual behavioral styles on your team. This application workbook will help your team understand how to take advantage of each individual's strengths for maximum team effectiveness.

Communicating with Style Cover

Communicating with Style™

Communicating with Style will teach you to identify the styles of those receiving your message, and discover ways to adapt your communication style to be most effective. Once you discover your unique temperament through the PDI, this instrument will help you recognize how your personal communication style helps or hurts messages you sent to others.

Selling with Style Cover

Selling with Style®

Behavioral style not only influences how we persuade or convince others, but how we are persuaded. After discovering your unique temperament through the PDI, this module, designed for the sales environment, provides insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each behavioral style as we attempt to communicate with and convince others. You will discover how different temperaments receive and respond to such suggestions. These insights will increase your effectiveness in communicating a point of view, as well as your ability to understand and meet the needs of others.

Time Management with Style Cover

Time Management with Style™

Our personalities often determine our attitudes toward time: how we respond to time constraints, how we discipline ourselves, how much energy we have to get things done, and how we view deadlines. Time Management with Style outlines each behavioral style's response to the various aspects of time and personal management. After discovering your unique temperament through the PDI, this workbook will help you to understand how to manage your time more effectively, and will also give you some insights as to how others with different temperaments manage their time Ś and why they may vary.