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DISC Profile System™
The DISC Personality Profile

The DISC personality report that's all about you

High resolution:
Broad overviews about others.
Details about you.

It takes a lot to understand yourself and others.
It's all in the report.

DISC Profile System Cover
You are not a shape
You are not an animal
You are not a color

People are complex.

You can not be summed up as a shape, color, or animal. The DISC Profile System™ PDI Report doesn't end with the four basic personality types. We go deeper, showing you which of the 28 Representative Patterns fits you best, including the strengths and weaknesses you're most likely to have, and how others may perceive your actions.

It's not only about you.

Our DISC Profile System™ PDI Report teaches you how to interpret other personalities as well — how to listen to them, speak to them, what stresses them out, and what puts them at ease.

Our Application Reports take your understanding ever further.